Every great dish depends not only on the ingredients but more importanlty how those ingredients work together. A group of talented people without a shared passion and love of what they are doing will produce good but not GREAT food. 

The team at the Soul Food Vendor are rather like the ingredients in our food. We are different but we work together, we compliment each other and we all add our own something to the flavour.

Ederval - HEAD CHEF & Kitchen Manager 

Meet our Head Chef Ed’ -Brazilian/Portuguese heritage.

Who was born & raised in Brazil and made his way to Portugal and the United States, following his passion for food. He graduated in Gastronomy with 20 years of experience as head chef. Working his way through various restaurant’s in the United States gaining a wealth of experience in the catering industry.

Ed is the mastermind behind executing the superb Soulfood menu.


Pet hates: Richard being in the Kitchen Singing & Dancing whilst attempting  to speak to me in Portugese!!!!




Born in Plymouth , Jade has travelled across the globe where she found her love for Caribbean cuisine. Having visited many islands from Jamaica to Barbados and tasting the local food along the way she found herself back home in Plymouth and assisted with the birth of Soulfood Vendor. With a background of retail management on cruise ships and the high street, Jade is the perfect candidate to manage all your orders and offer the best possible customer service here at Soulfood.


Pet hate: The Boss Richard messing up my order systems & interfering with my day to day operation’s !!!

Richard Dyer - Da BOSS

Born & raised in South east London , full Jamaican Heritage .

Moved to Plymouth at the age of 18. He is Passionate about his Caribbean roots ,food Reggae , Rum & Culture. Indulges in cooking from home & creating new dishes and homemade recipe’s .

He always wanted a Caribbean food Restaurant to express his love for the cuisine along with bringing the Tropical Jamaican Vibes to the public. Now Beginning his first food venture and journey to a Soulfood Restaurant within the Plymouth Market.


Pet hates- Being told to get out the Kitchen and leave the team to it!!!